Alien and UFO sightings go many years back but if such an extraterrestrial life would exist, wouldn’t the government have in informed us by now?

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Aliens and UFO sightings have bewildered citizens since the 1940's, but if there is such a thing as extraterrestrial life wouldn't the government have informed us by now? After all if we can handle technology like smart cars and Pizzazz oven can't we handle the possibility of alien life forms?  Whether you believe it or not let's take a look at these alien encounters hidden by the government.
The James Lumley Case of 1865
We may think that UFOs didn't existent pre-Roswell but we would be wrong because there are thousands of letters and notes circulating that describe similar cases of witnesses seeing UFOs just as they are today even before the invention of airplanes.
Roswell is still probably one of the most important keys to understanding whether or not the government is hiding evidence of alien life—in 1947 a press release informed people that a "flying disk had been recovered". This would be what we would coin later as an unidentified flying object, or UFO that had crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. Citizens quickly believed the story was just a weather balloon that had crashed—meanwhile the 509th Operations Group had discovered a second area with debris, and it's this second area that would become important.
NASA Astronauts UFO Sightings
It wasn't uncommon for astronauts to see something following them as if watching them in space—but it was NASA who would often have to censor the conversations between ground control and the astronauts in space. What exactly were they censoring?
UFOs in Lithuania
People in the 90's were beginning to not be complacent with the government hiding important information—they wanted to know what was going on and so the CIA decided to release reports under the Freedom of Information Act. This is the first report of the files that would reveal unknown UFO sightings and alien encounters never seen by the public.
Rendlesham Forest
To some people this is known as the "Roswell incident" of Britain, and it's with great care that the government kept these UFO sightings under wraps. On December 28, 1980 at around 3 a.m. a group of men with colonel Charles Holt taking lead of the patrol, would go out into the forest and follow an unidentified object through the forest. They noticed glowing red and blue lights and as they grew closer the object would hover in the air eventually picking up a "phenomenal" speed and flying past a farmhouse making the animals nearby skittish.
Turkey Twitter Cover-Up
The government would have never guessed how mainstream the internet and social media would have become when UFO sightings first began, and that's why the Turkey Twitter UFO cover-up is such an important part of our modern culture. 
NASA International Space Station Feed
It's probably not unusual to think that there's some UFO's flying around the galaxy that NASA's International Space Station Feed may be able to get a glimpse of every once in a great while—but what is unusual is that if something comes into the camera's viewpoint that seems to be unwanted a message will be displayed on the screen. 
UFO Hacker
It's not a shock to learn that governments likes to keep some things secret. One British hacker discovered a secret about our government that even they weren't prepared for: a flaw in cyber security. 
Some government officials have openly stated that they think UFO evidence is being kept secret and the more cover-ups we discover—the more citizens may question why we aren't being let in on the secret. What incredible alien encounter stories have you heard that haven't always been public knowledge? Let us know in the comments below! 


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