We're over a year away from the debut of It: Chapter Two on September 9, 2019, but the movie is taking shape. Fans of Stephen King's original 1986 novel have been waiting to see how the rest of the book is portrayed onscreen after the success of It in 2017.

The horror thriller, about a group of small-town teens being terrorized by a shapeshifting entity, took in over $320 million at the domestic box office. A sequel was most likely happening no matter what, but those kinds of numbers up the ante considerably. A lot is riding on It: Chapter Two, and it all begins with the cast.

Casting adults to play roles already established by child actors is a tricky thing. It's doubly tricky when the characters also have a built-in fanbase. Director Andy Muschietti and his It: Chapter Two team had their work cut out for them, but they've done a fine job. Here's a look at the new cast, along with the child actors from the first movie for comparison.