Every successful actor does R-rated movies these days. It wasn't always that way, but then again, the film industry never needed ratings. The modern era ushered in new brands of films during the '60s, and the political fallout resulted in the formation of the MPAA in 1968. Films have had ratings ever since.

Movies with R-ratings are the forbidden fruits in our collective Garden of Eden that is childhood. Parents protect us from them here in America where the Ten Commandments reign supreme and we must, all of us, remain pure in order to gain entrance into heaven. That is, if you believe in all that stuff. Most parents simply don't want to be embarrassed by their kids saying the F-word in public.

So it is that we all grow up yearning to see R-rated movies. For actors, though, the predicament is different. They're actually making these movies, and saying those F-words. For child actors, they often act in films they're not even allowed to see. It's a weird thing. For other actors, they may only do Disney movies or the like. 

Here's a look, through the years, at some of our most famous actors' first R-rated movies. Some had never taken part in one their entire careers, only to do so later. And some of our most famous child stars were thrown into adult fare at very young ages. Maybe there should be a system for that.