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OK. Just to keep you all in the loop on the medical front I’ve been off work since May 2002 because I get pains in my right leg after about 10 minutes walking. My Doctor presumed that I might have strained a previous injury that I had but when it didn’t clear up after a couple of weeks he carried out some “Doppler” tests which showed that I had reduced blood flow in both legs though it was more pronounced in the right one. He referred me to a Consultant who repeated the tests and confirmed my Doctor’s findings. The Consultant recommended I had an “Angiogram”. For those that don’t know this is basically an X-Ray of my vains but as they don’t normally show up on an X-Ray they first have to pump some special liquid into the vains to make them visible. I’ve recently had this done and I can tell you that this liquid produces some really peculiar sensations in the legs and groin area. Anyway the results show a narrowing of the Iliac in the left leg and a total blockage in the right. I can also tell you that this has been caused by smoking which I have now stopped.



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