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Since upgrading FireFox to 1.5.# I have been unable to use the Spellbound spell-checking extension as it hasn’t been upgraded. Well that’s what I thought anyway. Seems I was wrong. There is a development version out there which works just dandy with FF 1.5.# and has a few extra facilities as well. The problem is finding it. Well you can get it here. I love it! :grin:



  1. Lizz

    Haha!!! Sir, you are a GOD!!! thank yoU!!!!

  2. Stuart

    Well I suppose there’s always a first time. ;)

  3. Thomasso

    Thanks Stuart, I missed Spellbound when I upgraded to Firefox 1.5! Good work.


  4. Stuart

    No problem Tom. :)

  5. Joss

    Evening Gov’nr Seems I found the same page on the spellbound fix.
    So how’s tricks old boy?

  6. Stuart

    Hi Joss. I’m fine thanks if a little busy. How are things with you?

  7. Joss

    Busy is always good Stuart. As for me, well just ambling along thanks.

  8. Tobey

    hi. i dont know where to post this—but i’m getting desperate. do you know where i could find the text replacement (for smileys) plugin for txp? i cant find it, and somehow i stumbled over your blog that ISNT wordpress who has smileys innit. :) a link would be fine. I’m a txp newbie btw. I’m a newbie with the whole CMS thing.

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