No Play-offs

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Aaarrrgghh!!! I put the TV on to watch one of the NFL play-off games only to be confronted with the NCAA college basketball final. Now I used to play basketball at school and thoroughly enjoyed it but I cannot watch it without feeling a tad bored-out-of-my-skull! I’m not sure where the football disappeared to. There was just a ticker-tape message on-screen to say that they couldn’t present the scheduled programme. So where’s that gone then? Combined with the NHL lock-out I’m having a bad time with American sports!! So should I just stick with rugby union then? Knowing my luck the Six Nations will probably be sold to bloody Sky. Damn Murdoch’s ass. He used to be Australian but decided that wasn’t good enough for him so now he’s turned American. He’s managed to make watching TV expensive and all you people out there have fallen for it. So which nation shall I blame for his presence on the planet? Neither. He should just be shot on sight!



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