Eire Says No

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The latest referendum to be held relating to the EU has returned yet another “No” vote. Well done the Irish say I. I’m not sure how many referenda have now been held but they have all returned a “No” vote. I think if referenda were held in every country they would all return the same.

So the citizens of Europe are not happy with the EU but does that bother the politicians? Of course not. They are politicians. They are not interested in our opinions. The EU is a political behemoth created purely for politicians to play with. It gives them power and it gives them money. Why should they be interested in our opinions when the EU gives them all they ever wanted?



  1. starstika

    Right on!

    Wonder how long it will take to sink in that the majority don’t want a unified Europe, primarily because it’s said political tool that serves no purpose to anyone other than those in power.

    Or do you think they’re just going to continue using the media to tell us how great Europe is and keep having referenda ad-nauseum until we give them the “right” answer: yes

  2. Stuart

    Knowing politicians I think the second option is more likely.

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