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I haven’t been around here too much of late but I thought I would come back with a bit of a bang so welcome to The Bombsite v5.

Have a good look around. There is some new stuff including The Gallery which puts my new home, Exmouth, and what I get up to there into pictures for you.

I recently visited The Eden Project and have a separate gallery for that.

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From a styling point-of-view

  • I have made the individual_article view go the full-width of the theme which is better suited to the inclusion of images (plus I have always thought it was a bit of a waste of space using a narrow column and it made the page longer than need be)
  • I have included the “sidebar” on all pages either vertically or horizontally as suits
  • I have modified the “paging bar” so it can be used on both individual_article and article_list pages
  • I have modified the “paging bar” design to be more conducive to a “responsive” design

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Some years back the W3C decided that the way Microsoft had interpreted the “box model” for their IE products was wrong and the W3C came up with their own interpretation which is what most browsers with the exception of IE have been following ever since and the poor old website designer has had to cope with this, probably by having (an) extra style sheet(s) for IE.

I'm Looking For Web Work

I'm moving into the "self-employed" sector because my real gift is for coding websites and I would love to do it full-time.

I already get work from a couple of designers but I really need to get more if I want to do this full-time.

My key talents include Textpattern, with which I have 10 years experience and know inside out, HTML and HTML5 (including responsive design), CSS, CSS2 and CSS3. Whilst I don't code in PHP or JavaScript/jQuery I am more than competent enough to include existing scripts into a design and make minor adaptations where necessary.

Please note that I do not consider myself to be a designer. I am what I like to call a "code junkie".

So if you are a designer with no coding skills or don't know Textpattern, or if you are new to Textpattern and need some help, or if you are simply lucky enough to have so much work that you need to off-load some of it please get in touch using my contact form. I don't cost the earth and I am extremely good at what I do.